Let’s be clear about clarity!
If you haven’t got clarity about what it is you desire and the way to achieve your potential then the outcome is left to chance. Most people know they want success and know too when it’s time for change, however, they can also feel stuck, confused, indecisive about the path to take and have concerns or anxieties about taking action. Fear of failure, fear of commitment or just confusion about the next step is often enough to cause them to procrastinate or even give up. Quite often it can be an overload of information that just needs some critical analysis and clarity. Clarity builds confidence to move forward.

With clarity comes confidence
It’s like stumbling around in the darkness of your own home during a power cut. You instinctively know where everything is, you have your memory and reasoning to fall back on but still it’s difficult to navigate with confidence. You bump into your thoughts, from the big and bulky ones that loom in the darkness and are difficult to get around to the smaller unnoticed ones that can trip you up so easily. A good coach holds a steady spotlight for you to see what you already know is there but perhaps have taken for granted or forgotten about. The light shows up those fears and confusions for what they are. This fresh focus allows you to consider one piece, one thought, at a time and confidently decide on your next step forward.

Coaching for clarity
Coaching for clarity will help you make sense of the information you already possess around your particular goal or challenge. It helps you focus on key points while questioning those limiting beliefs and behaviours that are creating a smokescreen to your potential. In a good coaching session you will set your goal, and clearly identify the resources you have and those you need to make it happen. Coaching for clarity is about bringing certainty to your decisions. Then, that clarity builds confidence for what to expect when you reach your destination.

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