Developing your Courage, Confidence and Creativity

Developing your Courage, Confidence and Creativity

What is the link between courage, confidence and creativity?
Having the courage and confidence to state publicly your opinion, even if it’s an unpopular one opens the door to creativity. It’s not always the easiest thing to do as most of us learned in childhood to conform for safety and comfort. However, the price paid on a personal and as a collective level is very high when our integrity is compromised. Staying quiet or agreeing for the sake of agreeing can eat away at your sense of self-worth and confidence. In business, when a team member withholds their view it weakens the potential for greater success within the group project.

Conformity….. is the enemy of growth (JFK)
Fear of failure and the fear of being judged is behind a lot of our indecisive and conformist behaviour. The thing is, it’s not about being right but about contributing. It’s in that space of collective ideas that real inspiration and innovation happens. We need today more than ever creative thinking to help manage the ever-fluctuating challenges we face. How and where we do business requires a constant stream of new ideas and open discussions.

Many people report feeling isolated and stressed due to the fallout from Covid. Working from home, restricted social outlets and the continuously changing goalposts for moving forward can erode confidence and ambition.

Developing your courage, confidence and creativity
As your Life Coach, I can help you to first hear your own voice and so clarify what it is that is important to you. Knowing your values helps to strengthen your inner voice to confidently contribute. I will support you with skills and techniques to continue to promote that inner voice with courage in family, social and business situations. This knowledge and self-growth opens the channel to really hear another person’s point of view without being threatened. This frees up your courage, confidence and creativity to be expressed and allow your ambition to soar.

Have you the courage to take your own thoughts seriously, for they will shape you.” – Albert Einstein