Identify your values to live more successfully

Identify your values to live more successfully

Identify your values to live more successfully.
Why is it so important to identify your values to live more successfully? The short answer is simple enough, your values are who you are when you are at your best. It’s a way of being that is woven into the fabric of who you are. It’s you shining as your most authentic self and living courageously. Values are those principles that, in spirit, are non-negotiable. However, as human beings with busy lives we can often miss their subtle prompts and act against our very nature. Saying one thing but feeling another or doing things just to please others, has a cost to our wellbeing.

So how do you identify your values?
Identifying your values takes some reflection and a desire for self-knowledge. What is important to you? What behaviours annoy you? What are you tolerating? In a coaching session people often name values they have inherited from family and outside influences but as we dig deeper their own core values will surface. It can take a while to narrow these values down, but as the coaching relationship deepens the authentic self will offer up these core values time and time again. As a coach, I will continue to reality check and challenge you beliefs until you are clear on (a) what values lift you up, and (b) what it is you’re no longer prepared to compromise on.

Live more Successfully
When you have clarity around your values your personal and professional relationships become easier to negotiate. As you align yourself more and more to what you hold important and practice these values your confidence will soar. The results can be life changing as your more authentic self becomes visible to you and to those around you. You’ll find it easier to set goals as you align your intentions, words, thoughts and behaviours to the integrity of your actions. You will also notice that you are making more informed decisions, getting better results and living more successfully.

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