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One of my unique contributions to your coaching experience is my ability to guide you into a deeper level of self-awareness. With awareness comes the insights to enable change for success. I draw on my understanding of how the body, and minds of head, heart and gut, are intrinsically linked and communicate to guide you. Tapping into this innate skill is key to positive results.

“ Yoga is about moving toward a life where everything works better – your body, your mind, your energies, your emotions, even the situations around you.” – Sadhguru

From an early age, I have understood first hand the connection between my body and mind wellbeing. Children instinctively know how to stay centred as they run and play, and are so immersed in being free they have no concept of time. They are intuitively connecting to being present.

When all our attention is focused in the present moment on what we are doing we let go of the noisy mind and are freer to just enjoy being alive. Where the attention goes the energy flows

I noticed that the worry mind became more dominant as I got older. With responsibilities often comes the vulnerability to society rules and other people’s opinions. In short I lost a lot of the light-heartedness that keeps us open and creative. Many times, I had to remind myself that the path to a peaceful mind was aided by a peaceful body.

In my forties I struggled with personal loss and then the decision to leave a pensionable job, that my heart was no longer in. Once again I looked inward to find some answers. My subconscious in the form of a vivid dream showed me clearly a pathway to my real desire and gave me the courage to change.

I set up Mindful Yoga with Elizabeth following a two year training with Yoga Therapy Ireland. The integration of mind and body work through my own experience, and teaching others, has inspired me to offer these insights and opportunities through coaching. I am now living my life purpose and can once again tap into those feelings I had in the younger years, but in a more conscious and deliberate way.

Mindful Yoga offers all of us that opportunity to spend some quality time discovering our true nature. That part of us that is intuitive, the one that we rely on in times of crisis, or that dances with us in times of joy. It does not discriminate. It caters for all levels of experience, from the complete novice who’s curious, to the athlete who wants to develop greater focus and flexibility.

All the new sciences today provide evidence to support the positive effects of meditation and exercise on our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Even a simple five minute daily, breath awareness practice, has far reaching benefits. Join me to  rejuvenate your body, your emotions and your thoughts for a more successful and fulfilled life.