Setting boundaries for your success, health and wellbeing

Setting boundaries for your success, health and wellbeing

Your energy field
Living without healthy boundaries is like living in a house where the windows and doors are removed or have never been installed in the first place. It can be difficult to keep out unwanted guests. You become vulnerable to your environment, not to mention the worry about what the neighbours think! A healthy boundary is like an energy field that protects the wellness of your mind, body and emotions and keeps you confident and balanced in your sense of self. Boundaries are how you communicate to others how you wish to be treated so it’s important to know what messages you are sending out either consciously or unconsciously.

Becoming conscious of your boundaries
At the heart of who you are is your set of values that are unique to you. For example, you may value honesty and so when you sense someone is not being honest something within you sets off a warning. Depending on how conscious you are in that moment it can be a full on alarm with sound and flashing lights or it can resonate as a small niggle in your psyche. If you have been taught to put others first or have developed a fear of other peoples opinions then the latter may well be your reaction and if ignored can lead to suppressed feelings. However, you did at some level feel the reaction and this awareness is key to developing confidence in your ability to set your boundaries.

Setting boundaries for your success, health and wellbeing
The great news is that once you know your values you become more alert to when they are being challenged. Coaching with Neuroscience enables an understanding of the head, heart and gut as an interconnected system that alarms when a boundary is breached. Learning to be aware of how your thoughts and feelings are being affected by both external and internal triggers, leads to better choices and more positive action. As your coach, I help you identify your values and to check if they are being honoured. We will look at self-limiting beliefs and use tools to build your confidence and resilience to saying NO respectfully. Setting boundaries for your success, health and wellbeing is your responsibility to taking care of yourself.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt