What is life coaching

What is Life Coaching and how can it benefit You?

The skills
The art of great coaching enables powerful conversations that increase self-awareness, and helps you identify your personal and professional goals. It places you, the client, firmly in the driving seat but with a co-pilot who has significant experience in self-development. It’s not about giving advice or counselling but works on eliciting your strengths, capabilities and potential. Thus it shift’s the focus from who has rank to what is possible. Coaching, therefore, is a process with structure, flow, skills, tools and techniques. It assumes your commitment to moving forward. Listening, questioning, observing, feedback and challenging are all part of the coaching relationship.

I hear you!
The magic happens in the listening space.Here, the truth of what the person is believing, how they perceive themselves and others, their goals and ambitions, are now free to surface. The job of the coach is to hear what is being said and perhaps more importantly to hear what is not being said! It’s here that curiosity and chemistry combine to provoke insights that can help the client move forward. Neuroscience is increasingly revealing the complex and influential nature of our thoughts, and moreover the impact of the thoughts of those around us. Thus the coach must be skilled in turning off their own judgements and suggestions so that the client has space to gain their own clarity. The truth is that everyone is a very capable author of their own life when they know how to access that wisdom.

Positive Mindset
Our history and learned behaviour continuously get in the way of our success and wellbeing. It can show up in our words and body language but because we are so programmed by our past we often cannot recognise it. The coaching relationship offers you the space to open fresh eyes, ears, heart and mindset, and to look at your agenda from a wider perspective. This view is guaranteed to challenge your thinking process and create a more positive mindset for success.

Benefits – so what is Life Coaching and how can it benefit You?
Life coaching offers you the benefit of self-reflection guided by an experienced allay. This process motivates you to ask yourself those tough questions and identify what it is you need to change to get the results you want. In this supportive environment you become more confident, intuitive, decisive and successful.

“Give a man a fish, and he is fed for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he is fed for a lifetime.” However, I would replace the word teach with guide as this is the subtle but powerful effect of a good coaching partnership.

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