Shape your success

What story are you telling yourself to help shape your success?

The story in your head
The story in your head began the moment you were born and has influences beyond that. This story is shaped by your DNA and your environment. For example, the nose on your face carries the genetic memory of your great-great-grandparent whom you’ve never even met! Equally the habitual patterns you experience of self-doubt and fear of failure are often just hand me downs. This is not to place blame on generations gone before as they were working within the understandings of their time. However, as more and more knowledge is revealed through such studies as neuroscience and epigenetics you begin to understand you are the author of your own destiny.

Self-Development practice is key to change
If you have a desire to be successful and a willingness for self-development then coaching with neuroscience is for you. This practice of self-development is the key to questioning your most basic beliefs that may be holding you in an unconscious fixed mindset. When you believe you are not enough: not thin enough, not smart enough, not wealthy enough, not successful enough or that resources are limited you close your potential down. Developing the skills to challenge your thoughts and beliefs in a healthy way gives you the power to change the outcome.

What story are you telling yourself to help shape your success?
What story are you telling yourself to help shape your success? Work with me and make it one of empowerment and can do, challenging the voice in your head that comes from inherited and limited experiences. I can guide you to a growth mindset empowering you to look at failure as feedback and converting setbacks into future successes. This personal development work encourages you to question the supposed limitations of your intellect and personality traits and to break these mental boundaries for good. As your understanding grows you become more responsible for your own story, more resilient, creative and successful. The bonus is that your self-inquiry will inspire future generations to grow.

“If you were born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake.”
Bill Gates